Senior BI Data Analyst

Job description

Sharpist is the outcome driven platform for people development powered by coaching. We create “aha!” moments at scale by building the tech ecosystem for personal development in general and leadership coaching in particular. Our coaches and technology work in symbiosis to help our users reach their personal goals. In a nutshell, Sharpist lets organisations scale world-class executive coaching to their entire workforce.

BE THE MOST EMPLOYEE CENTRIC - this is the mission we live for our users and for our team. We are results-driven individuals. Sharpist employees combine backgrounds in conversational design, organisational psychology, e-commerce, machine learning, management consulting, and even robot construction. 🤖

We encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations to apply for this role.

Job requirements

The Challenge

We are looking for a Senior Data Analyst to lead the way in building a robust analytics practice, turning data into actionable insights, ultimately leading to increasingly better business decisions. Given the early stage of our analytics at Sharpist, this role comes with a ton of responsibility and, equally, with a ton of opportunity. The best candidates will have a mix of strong analytical skills, leadership qualities, hungry to help build a growing startup, as well as a passion for solving problems that matter.

You Will...

  • Analyse, understand, profile and describe data from all areas of the business.
  • Lead the buildout of Data Analytics as a function at Sharpist. It's still day 1 for us, and as such there's a lot of room for improvement and opportunity for massive impact.
  • Grow personally and professionally. By overcoming the daily challenges startups never fail to generate, you will be constantly learning from and teaching others.

You are a good fit for this role if you...

  • Are humble, curious and hungry to learn. You want to go to bed a better human than when you got up in the morning. You seek to learn about and understand our customers, and figure out ways to solve their problems.
  • Believe that change is the only constant. You channel your creativity to adapt and problem-solve. The startup thing gives you energy.
  • Consistently put the team needs over your own. It’s obvious to you that great things always depend on the group working together.
  • Focus on results. You don’t mistake activity for impact, and you always seek the latter with our customers’ outcomes and user needs in mind.
  • You’re technically competent. You have sound fundamentals and principles. The tech stack below is something you like, and have a good degree of hands-on experience with.

Our Tech Stack

We don't expect you to be an expert in all these, but we do expect you to be eager to learn when and what may be needed. And we'll have your back. 😉

  • Backend is running on Node.js and written in TypeScript, providing a GraphQL API. It’s backed by MongoDB with Mongoose and Redis databases.
  • Web apps are written in TypeScript and Sass using React, Apollo GraphQL, and Ant Design.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS share the same React Native codebase. It’s written in TypeScript, except for small portions of native code in Java and Swift.
  • For our cross-platform real time video/audio communication we rely on Twilio.
  • Our data stack is built on top of GCP (BigQuery, DataStudio, Firebase, Analytics) as well as Datos Intelligence.
  • There’s a few more things, but that’s the gist of it. 🙌