VP Engineering (m/f/x)

Job description

Sharpist is on a journey to deliver measurable business outcomes to its global enterprise clients, through a digital people development solution that founds on 1:1 coaching. As Europe's leading solution for people development, Sharpist marries the individual employee's needs for personalized learning with the demand for worldwide scalability of global organizations such as Axel Springer, STRABAG, and Porsche.

To achieve this "personalization at scale" Sharpist bets on unparalleled user engagement. This engagement derives from combining a 1:1 human coaching offer with a digital learning journey that makes personal growth transparent and gamifies the development experience, just like Apple Health or Strava are doing in their particular domains.

As VP Engineering (m/f/x) you are responsible for Sharpist's technology strategy team and its structural evolvement to enable our company’s and business model scaling. With your strategic input, leadership of the tech team and management of current and future development processes, you set the foundation for an aspirational product to strive to a next level - closely towards personalized learning for everyone worldwide.

Sharpist is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations to apply for this role.

Job requirements

Within 1 month you will…

  • Take leadership responsibility over your 11-person team of engineers, developers, data experts, QA engineers and sys admins. You’ll grasp the status quo within the team and the history behind it

  • Become familiar with the metrics that indicate the health of the team and its delivery and collaboration capabilities

  • Onboard into the Extended Leadership Team and learn about the realities of the different teams at Sharpist, as well as their respective leaders

Within 1 quarter you will…

  • In partnership with the CPO, design the next stage of the organizational structure of the product & engineering teams and what the upcoming year should look like from a tech & product perspective

  • Have established a solid 1:1 practice with each of your direct reports, devising clear development plans for each of them, and otherwise setting them up for success on the day-to-day

  • Defined an evolving technical strategy to accommodate future growth of the team, customer base and revenue. You will also have fine-tuned the existing process to continue accelerating the pace of learning about what works and what doesn’t in our product.

  • Continued hiring the best available talent to join the team, increasing the capacity for Sharpist to deliver and move closer to achieving its 3rd product vision horizon: a personalised learning & development ecosystem

Within 1 year you will…

  • Have built a layer of engineering management under you, leveraging your time and attention in pursuing our technical and product strategies.

  • Have had opportunities to represent Sharpist externally as the face of its technology group.

  • Have built a well-oiled software development process machine across multiple cross-functional teams. Clear principles and processes are in play, while at the same time affording freedom and autonomy to every team member on how to actually do the work.

  • Be reflecting about what the next 3 years will look like and how to adapt your engineering leadership playbook to it.

We believe, you'll be successful if you are this type of person

  • Strategic Thinker - By seeing the big picture you connect the dots between Sharpist’s mission, our product development processes and your team’s individual tasks

  • Leader of Tech - You constantly work with your team on your operating system and organizational structure to grow the team to 20+ people

  • As a Leader of People, you embody trust, empowerment, and candid feedback and see the development of your team members as an investment

  • Consistent Product Evolver - You think yourself into architecture and the tech ecosystem and make consistency checks of the product to ensure everything fits together

  • You get things done as an effective manager because you are clear on what you should not do, to not be distracted from what you must do

  • You are a curious learner and embrace an attitude of continuous development

These hard facts will get us excited to get to know you better

  • Outstanding people leadership experience in hiring, growing tech teams and leading from an idea to implementation

  • Experience in the implementation and evolvement of agile product development processes (SCRUM, Kanban, Lean Startup, etc) and success with engineering management

  • Engineering and Architecture Knowledge: You were a seasoned engineer with experience in product management, platforms, mobile development as well as data infrastructure